This Saturday, every Saturday 

Whatever is happening in your body – heart broken, brain fritzed, gut twisted, nerves numb, nerves on alert  – bring your beautiful self to Brownwood Park tomorrow at 10:00 for some love and push-ups and pain of the simple, physical sort. Shae or Jocelyn will be coaching. We love seeing you every Saturday, but tomorrow especially. 

Let’s gather and lift heavy things

Let’s gather, yes?

This is a special call out to come and lift some weights with us this Saturday, especially if you and/or someone you know has been hiding under the covers. Totally good to hide under the covers. But come Saturday, hows about we meet up for QF, after which you are can immediately go back to bed if you’d like.

It’s not group therapy, just a group workout. And you don’t even have to work out – come sit on the benches and watch the rest of us lift heavy things. Nothing bad about that.

I’m in town for the day and would love to see your face and give you a squeeze.

We’ll be in Brownwood Park as usual at 10:00. See you then, dear friends.

Is there life/QF after Prince?

I know you’ve been grieving. Me too. After the shock, you spent a day or two wondering whether there is anything worth doing other than put the Color Purple cast’s tribute on repeat while posting every one of your Prince memories on Facebook. By today, you may have decided yes, there are some things worth doing, like take a shower or put on the other leg of your pants. But maybe not quite yet. There’s Prince’s Superbowl halftime show to watch again, the 20 most important Prince essays to read,  and his entire catalogue to listen on on Tidal.

Someday, friend, you and I will have to crawl out of our little lavender hovel of sadness and reengage with the world.

Here is a quiz to help you know whether you’re ready. Answer yes or no.

  1. Did you figure out how to watch Lemonade, even though you don’t have HBO?
  2. Have you managed to have sex again?
  3. Can you watch the Starfish and Coffee + muppets video without crying?

If you answered yes to one or more questions, you’re ready. It’s time. Here are 3 ways to ease back into the world of the living:

  1. Come to Queerfit this Tuesday, 6:15 at Brownwood Park. If you were part of QF92, come on. If you were not part of QF92, come on. We’re open and ready for you to join us.
  2. Put your cowboy boots on for the Gay Ole’ Opry on Tuesday after QF, in town from NYC. Karen or Karen & the Sorrows is my writing coach – it’ll be a fun show.
  3. This Friday, April 29, come celebrate the completion of QF92 with a Banh Mi + Ribs throwdown at Coach Glo’s. Queerfitters of any stripe (past, present, future) are all welcome, as are your sweetie pies, children, and friends. If you’re not on the FB event page, RSVP here in the comments.

See y’all Tuesday. And Friday. Purple rain forever.

April 9 – The 92d day of QF92

It’s a wrap this Saturday, so bring yourself and for an extra point, bring a friend to our final QF92 group workout. Dress in layers – forecast is for 48 degrees and windy, but Shae is coaching, so you’ll warm up quick.

There will be a longer post and more details on the FB page in a few days about life post-QF92. The 6:15 Tuesday and 10:00 Saturday workouts will continue, and are open to QF92 folks past and present + anyone who is member of the FB group. Guests are always welcome, just be mindful as always that the space is intended for trans and LGBQ people of color and our allies.

Team #nolabels had a small lead as of yesterday, but all teams are within striking distance of winning this final point tally. To add to your 3 points for getting to practice and the 1 point for bringing a friend, the final challenge for 3 more points for your team:

Give a shout out in the comments to (1) someone from your team, (2) someone not on your team, and (3) yourself. Be specific about what’s so good, inspiring, impressive, joyful, excellent, fun, strong, kick-ass, etc. about your (1), (2), and (3). You must give your own damn self a genuinely loving shout out to get these 3 points. Go to it!

April 8 – final qf92 daily challenge 

Friday is day 91 of Qf92, so one last challenge before our final in person workout (which will be a bring-a-friend extra pointer). There are 3 points available for this last challenge. It goes like this…

5 rounds of:

  • 12 push-ups
  • 12 v-ups or sit-ups
  • 12 tuck jumps
  • 12 lunges

That’s 1 point.

For a 2d point, 100 burpees. You cannot do the burpees without doing the 5 rounds.

For a 3d point, get someone who is not in QF92 to do at least 10 of the burpees with you. 

Rack up those points! 

April 7 – Testing testing 1, 2, 3

For Thursday’s challenge, we’re testing how far you’ve come with QF92.

Start the day with 5 sun salutations. Think on who you’d like to bring to Saturday’s final QF92 workout.

Warm-up with 3 rounds of (5 pushups, 5 squats, 10 jumping jacks, 1 spiderman stretch)

Then for 1 point:

  1. Max reps of perfect push-ups.  Good solid plank, nose to ground, good looking push-ups. Rest as long as you like – a few hours is fine. Then,
  2. 100 squats in as few sets as possible. If you can find a tempo that allows you to do all 100 in a row, awesome. Rest as long as you like. Then,
  3. Max hold inversion. Time yourself.

Let us know in the comments how you did, and whether you improved on your numbers from earlier in the year. Be honorable with your push-ups especially! If you did not add to your max number but improved on your form, all the better.


April 6 – greatest challenge repeat and/or triple threat

2 points possible today, but only if your inbox overfloweth…

1 point for your team: do yesterday’s challenge if you did not do it already.

2d point for your team:

6 rounds

10 jumping squats (land softly!), 5 extremely slow push-ups, 5 one-armed squats each arm, 15 foot bear walk

Help your teammates help your team. We’re in the home stretch, ye mighty queerfitters…all the way all the way.


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