Largest White Oak in Georgia?

In a semi-secret location between Atlanta’s airport and downtown:

12 min. AMRAP with 3 people at each of 3 stations: log flips (bottom left), overhead squats (with branches on the bottom right), close hand pushups.  Time at each station is however long it takes to flip the log 5 times up the hill and roll it back down.

Didn’t know this place as anything other than a good place to run the dog until after we did this workout and learned this spot is home to a rare stand of super- old white oaks. Didn’t know there’s a whole point system that takes into account circumference, crown & height to determine whether a tree is crowned a state champ.  Didn’t know this tree is an ex-champ…sorry about tramping on your tender roots, Mr. Giant ex-champ Tree – no more log flips in this clearing.  Log flipping or not, a workout in the forest beats the gym anytime.