Tomorrow being St. Patrick’s Day, the formerly and would-be Irish (that is, white Americans) honor the patron saint of Ireland with great bouts of throwing up.  Though throwing up is always a possibility at queerfit, we will be celebrating two different saints tomorrow:

Saint Jude, of desperate causes, and Saint Drausinus of Soissons, of invincible people.

As you may remember, last week Jillian was struggling to get a 30 pound log up on her shoulder, under no small amount of pressure because everyone else had to keep pumping out weighted squats, pull-ups, etc. for as long as it took her to haul the log up to her shoulder and make it to point A and back again.  It was looking a little hopeless.  Then she thought, Hey, if this were a child…and boom, figured it out right quick how to throw the log up on her shoulder and took off on a trot.

Come on out tomorrow and you too will find yourself overcoming a desperate cause by tapping into your invincible.  We will be at the playground in Candler Park, 10:00 sharp.