Day & Miyoshi getting it DONE.


Great turnout for our last Saturday workout in Candler Park.  We had a visitor from Germany and a Reverend in attendance, and both made it through the grinder with grace and dignity fully intact.

In groups of 3, complete 6 tasks:  (1) 150 capoeira inspired ginga-esque side steps, (2) 150 pushups, (3) 150 donkey kicks,(4)  150 squats, (5) up and over the bars of a half moon structure, (5) throw an unwieldy 20 pound log/stump 50 feet, uphill.

It was up to each group how they wanted to divide up the reps, and in what order they wanted to get it all done.  We had  a couple of long pauses at the top of the half moon structure – much harder to come down something then to get up – but unlike last week, at least there were not 7 -year old girls hanging off the bars singing to us: It’s your birthday! You can do it!  Hmm, maybe that would have helped.  In any event,  QF-er of the day went to Glo and Shae, for being a 2-person team and so having to each do 33% more work than everyone else.

Great work – we move to a different park next week.  It will be intown near Little 5 Points, look for the location in Friday’s post/email.