Atlanta is oh so aglow with damned pollen bomb throwers gorgeous flowering trees, it must be springtime in the southland.

Hunger Games opens today, finally giving us a cinematic teenage heroine who does something a little more action-oriented than biting her nails while choosing between vampire boy and werewolf boy.   From the trailers, seems there’s a lot of very fast running about, ducking behind trees, and archery.  The movie also seems to include a makeover using large sized Nad’s body wax strips.

We will  do a good deal of very fast running about tomorrow + some things on/under/around trees.  If you have a bow & arrow, bring it (lawn darts count).  The body waxing you’ll have to handle on your own.

As always, we start right at 10:00, so plan on getting there at 9:50 to park, find us, etc.  We are at a NEW SPOT this week: meet up at the corner of Euclid Ave. NE and Hurt St. NE.  This is the small park immediately north of the Inman Park-Reynoldstown MARTA station.  We’ll have extra Claritin on hand to share.

No inspiring videos this week of Honeybee doing bar muscle-ups.  Rather, I simply share with you – and to show off my extraordinary constraint, with no commentary of any sort – this scientific study.