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Tomorrow | Candler Park | 10am

Hey Queerfitters,

Queerfit will be held in a different location this weekend because an event is being held in our usual space.

Join us tomorrow, Saturday April 27th at 10am in Candler Park. We’ll meet at the playground area at the end of the parking lot.

The workout will require you to do a lil’ but of pulling, a lil’ bit of pushing, and squatting low. Leave your dumbbells at home but please do bring your water bottles and sweat bands – you’ll definitely need ’em.

Rest assured, next week we’ll be back to our regular location.



40 Acres and many pistols

In Savannah’s Madison Square, where Special Field Order No. 15 was first read aloud: “The islands from Charleston, south, the abandoned rice fields along the rivers for thirty miles back from the sea, and the country bordering the St. Johns River, Florida, are reserved and set apart for the settlement of the negroes now made free by the acts of war and the proclamation of the President of the United States.”

Possession of the land was conveyed in 40 acre lots.  La tierra es de quien la trabaja con sus manos/The land belongs to those that work it with their own hands.

Lincoln was shot dead less than a year later and the new President, a son of Tennessee, rescinded Sherman’s Order.

In Madison Square: run the perimeter of 40 acres (6 blocks by 4 blocks), 40 single-leg pistols alternating legs, 40 dumbbell thrusters @20#, 40 push-ups, 40, 40 walking lunges @20#.  Screw you, President Andrew Johnson.

Rainbow, Dumbbells, Wall Jumps


That’s Eli with a rainbow behind his right ear, Moya with dumbbells up above her head, and Holiday hopping away on the stone wall. Oh yeah.

For the first time in months, Saturday’s workout had no team element – it was every person for themselves: 7 dumbbell squat clean push press, 10 ledge jumps, 12 push-ups. Five rounds. Here’s the dumbbell squat clean again, so you can get in a little mid-week practice – just add a push press at the end. Good work accelerating through the last rounds, and accepting the challenge to keep moving the weight up on the clean/push presses, and the height up on the jumps. If there was any grousing on Saturday, I didn’t hear it. Actually, there was a little grousing, that 5 rounds wasn’t enough, so a few folks bumped up the total rounds. Oh yeah!

Two things to put on your calendar… Read more…

My, what a big hippocampi you have

We are already such a good looking group, it’s a bit unfair that queerfit is also making us smarter.

But it’s true. Researchers at the University of Illinois have discovered that running creates new brain cells and helps you maintain memory.  Exercise also bolsters learning more than any enriched environment.  Who needs grad school? Just go for a run.  But wait, there’s more. The  new brain cells created through exercise are better able to integrate into your existing neuron network, so they’re not just rattling around being neuronic on their own and then dying off.   As a result, it swells up your hippocampi.   Read more…

Time sucks suck less if you do squats

Any reports from Saturday morning? Or reports of individual feats of strength, doggedness or boring old consistency? Drop a comment! Tuesday’s workout: 15 power cleans @95#, 21 sit-ups. 4 rounds.  

Apropos of nothing at all, two huge time sucks for the weeks upcoming:

(1) The workouts for the Crossfit Games regionals have been announced, with competitions running through the end of May. The only thing sillier than people who exercise as a competitive sport is people who watch people who exercise as a competitive sport. Capish? But if you find yourself watching, here are three people worth keeping an eye on: the incredibly strong Elizabeth Akinwale, who is a mom and makes fun of crossfit while being really good at crossfit; Blair Morrison, because he works out outside; and the supermicrobutch Kristan Clever (in a video of her featuring her watching a video) who I should not call that b/c she can kick my ass by blinking.

(2) American Ninja Warrior premieres May 20.   Read more…

Getting Better

Here in LA to celebrate grandma’s 100th with 53 odd (and I do mean odd) kinfolk, I’ve been relegated to the traditional queerio sleeping quarters of my parent’s basement. Dad apparently handled the decor down here, so there are bedsheets duct-taped onto the concrete retaining wall and, over the air mattress, he has hung up a picture of me swimming the butterfly.  It’s a page out of my college’s 1991 calendar.  I was Ms. August.

And oh wow was I a fast swimmer back then. Really fast. Smokin’ fast. How fast? Well, as ex-competitive athletes say everywhere: The older I get, the faster I was.

Meaning, I’ll never swim that fast again. Read more…

Happy birthday in 5 min., 4 min., 3 min.

A fast start to the day, marking Xochitl’s 38th birthday. In 5 min., then 4 min., then 3 min., as far as you can get in the sequence: 200 yd. run, 38 push-ups, 38 squats, 38 dips.  Rest 1 min. between efforts, start with the run each time.

If you missed this one and want to get in a mid-week rocket fuel booster shot of hot & fresh, close the office door right now, set the timer on your phone, and do this: In 5 min., then 4 min., then 3 min., as far as you can get in the sequence: 50 mountain climbers, your age in push-ups, your age in squats, your age in push presses if you have dumbbells, chair dips if you don’t.  1 min. rest between efforts, start with the mountain climbers each time.  If you finish the sequence before the 5 minutes is up, take the balance of the time as extra rest.  As you get up there in reps, you can either get unhappy about how old you are, or grateful for each year in your life that rep represents.

So you’ll go to your next meeting/class/appointment a little sweaty. So what. Your colleagues/co-workers/client should be so lucky.

Day Before Easter Climbing of the Tree


Another great turnout on Saturday morning for:

In teams of 4: heavy manmakers, 7 each; getting up & over a 4 foot high tree branch 10x total + max squats when not climbing; haul in 45# w/ 30″ rope 1x each.  Twice through.

Tomorrow is the regular Tuesday morning queerfit in East Point, meeting at 8:30 in the playground on East Point Street, adjacent to the police station.

Pics after the jump.  Read more…

Happy 100th, Grandma!

Queerfit tomorrow is all about two extraordinary older women.  The first, my grandma, turns 100 this week.  She actually turns 99, but Chinese people get credit for time spent baking, so this year is her first centennial celebration.  Secret to her long life? In her youth, an ultra-low calorie diet and long, long walks from one side of the country to the other.  Both things more a consequence of war than lifestyle choices, but there ya go. And in her old age, the love a good party and sheer cussed stubbornness has kept her focused on being fully present –  in mind, body and spirit – for this, her 100th birthday party.

The second, Erline, is a 62 year old woman I met a few years ago when she and the women prisoners in Alabama were suing the state for the constitutional violation of being major d*ckwads, and I was their lawyer.  I went to see Erline  yesterday and we got to catch up, gossip, laugh, and complain. It was a lovely visit, until it was time to go, and I left the prison, and she didn’t. Read more…

Leaning into the abyss

For the first regular Tuesday morning queerfit workout, in the playground next to East Point’s police station:

10 pull-ups, 10 goblet squats @ 30#, 10 18” tire jumps. 5 rounds.

Quick workout, with everyone finishing under 8 minutes.

Highlight of the morning came somewhere in the middle of round 3, when Marley – at 3.99 years and mid-thigh height – decided he wanted to slide down the fire pole. From the edge of a platform that was twice his height high, the pole was out of reach, so he had to lean way, way forward into the air between the edge of the platform and the pole.  As if my heart weren’t already thumping fast enough from the weighted squats, it went up another 10 bpm watching him make that stretch.  It took a tiny bit of help for Marley to grab the pole, and once he did, he jumped and slid on down like a rock star, big grin on his face.  Thanks, little big guy, for the reminder that doing what you really want to do usually means leaning a bit further out than feels safe.