Zahra stretching it out

With lots of dumbbells, a barbell, a log, and a cinderblock to choose from for the push press:

1 min. push press, 1 min. squats, 1 min. push-ups, 1 min. rest. 4 rounds.  Use one of the rest periods to run a heavy punching bag up 25 yards and back, your choice of when to get that done. Teams of 2.

This turned into a shoulder burner right quick, but having different things to choose from in the push press minute made it possible to keep those in the 20-25 rep range. Weird how 60 seconds can get so much longer every round.

I had to catch a plane right after this workout & the TSA dude feeling me up asked me, What you got under there, son? Oh, those are just my massive deltoids, thank you very much.  He then had to pat down my butt, but did not ask me what I got under there.  Ergo, more squatting next week to maximus that gluteus.  Just doing our part to keep the employees of our bloated national security apparatus on their code orange toes.