For the first regular Tuesday morning queerfit workout, in the playground next to East Point’s police station:

10 pull-ups, 10 goblet squats @ 30#, 10 18” tire jumps. 5 rounds.

Quick workout, with everyone finishing under 8 minutes.

Highlight of the morning came somewhere in the middle of round 3, when Marley – at 3.99 years and mid-thigh height – decided he wanted to slide down the fire pole. From the edge of a platform that was twice his height high, the pole was out of reach, so he had to lean way, way forward into the air between the edge of the platform and the pole.  As if my heart weren’t already thumping fast enough from the weighted squats, it went up another 10 bpm watching him make that stretch.  It took a tiny bit of help for Marley to grab the pole, and once he did, he jumped and slid on down like a rock star, big grin on his face.  Thanks, little big guy, for the reminder that doing what you really want to do usually means leaning a bit further out than feels safe.