Queerfit tomorrow is all about two extraordinary older women.  The first, my grandma, turns 100 this week.  She actually turns 99, but Chinese people get credit for time spent baking, so this year is her first centennial celebration.  Secret to her long life? In her youth, an ultra-low calorie diet and long, long walks from one side of the country to the other.  Both things more a consequence of war than lifestyle choices, but there ya go. And in her old age, the love a good party and sheer cussed stubbornness has kept her focused on being fully present –  in mind, body and spirit – for this, her 100th birthday party.

The second, Erline, is a 62 year old woman I met a few years ago when she and the women prisoners in Alabama were suing the state for the constitutional violation of being major d*ckwads, and I was their lawyer.  I went to see Erline  yesterday and we got to catch up, gossip, laugh, and complain. It was a lovely visit, until it was time to go, and I left the prison, and she didn’t.

We who are not at war and not in prison have so many choices we tend to forget that we’re making them at all. Or we mistake the things we’re choosing to do for things we’re somehow being forced to do.   It may sound all California woo woo, but one of the reasons we do high intensity workouts that push us way beyond what’s comfortable is so we’re confronted with the choice between continuing on and stopping.  There’s no judgment about what you choose, BTW – deciding to continue on may not be a good idea at all.  What’s important is just that it’s clearly up to you whether to keep going or to slow down or to stop, and then you decide.  Over and over again, for some workouts. It’s good practice.

But first, you have to decide to come out tomorrow morning. We meet at 10:00 on the corner of Euclid Ave. NE and Hurt St. NE., in the small park immediately north of the Inman Park-Reynoldstown MARTA station.

See you tomorrow, you most excellent queerfitters!