Here in LA to celebrate grandma’s 100th with 53 odd (and I do mean odd) kinfolk, I’ve been relegated to the traditional queerio sleeping quarters of my parent’s basement. Dad apparently handled the decor down here, so there are bedsheets duct-taped onto the concrete retaining wall and, over the air mattress, he has hung up a picture of me swimming the butterfly.  It’s a page out of my college’s 1991 calendar.  I was Ms. August.

And oh wow was I a fast swimmer back then. Really fast. Smokin’ fast. How fast? Well, as ex-competitive athletes say everywhere: The older I get, the faster I was.

Meaning, I’ll never swim that fast again.

What I can do, though, is deadlift 100 pounds more now than I could back then. And I can run a few miles without cursing. And climb trees. And do one-legged pistols. I can push a lot of weight over my head and do an overhead squat. And before the end of summer I’ll be able to walk on my hands and do a bar muscle-up like Honeybee can (at :45). The Ms. August 1991 me couldn’t do any of that.

To be sure, it’s not particularly useful to be able to hoist a giant bag of dogfood over my head and do squats in Petsmart’s Aisle 7, but what has been useful has been getting to practice getting better.

There are many reasons we do queerfit.  I hope that somewhere near the top of your list is, to be better tomorrow than I am today.

To that end, Shae, aka Captain Shae, aka the ShaeBomb, has put together a great workout for tomorrow where you’ll be doing three rounds of a series of exercises.  She picked interesting, complicated movements (down dog to high plank with alternative knee to elbow, anyone? what?) that will let you practice this awesome meta-skill of getting better.  It’s hard but simple: do your 1st rep as beautifully as you’re able, and then pay exquisite attention to how you’re moving throughout your workout, so your last rep can be better than your first.

Bring a towel, and be at our usual spot at the park just north of the Inman Park MARTA station at 10:00 sharp.  Extra credit if you snap some photos & sent them my way. Give lots of love to Shae!