We are already such a good looking group, it’s a bit unfair that queerfit is also making us smarter.

But it’s true. Researchers at the University of Illinois have discovered that running creates new brain cells and helps you maintain memory.  Exercise also bolsters learning more than any enriched environment.  Who needs grad school? Just go for a run.  But wait, there’s more. The  new brain cells created through exercise are better able to integrate into your existing neuron network, so they’re not just rattling around being neuronic on their own and then dying off.   As a result, it swells up your hippocampi.  Your hippocampi is a part of your limbic system, important to learning and memory, that sits on the floor of the inferior horn of your lateral ventricle. Exercise is good for your hippocampi because it’s difficult for this cross between a horse and a dolphin to sit on the floor of an inferior horn, which lacks the soft cushions of a superior horn. So what exercising does is allow this servant of Poseidon and his children to better situate itself there in your lateral ventricle.

What? You didn’t understand that? Maybe doing more push-ups will help you grow your brain so you can wrap it around that explanation of the hippocampi swelling powers of exercise.  We’ll be doing push-ups and more tomorrow at the green space immediately north of the Inman Park-Reyonldstown MARTA station, at 970 Euclid Ave. NE.

10:00 sharp.  Bring weight vests, dumbells, a friend, and your mighty mighty hippocampi. See you tomorrow!