That’s Eli with a rainbow behind his right ear, Moya with dumbbells up above her head, and Holiday hopping away on the stone wall. Oh yeah.

For the first time in months, Saturday’s workout had no team element – it was every person for themselves: 7 dumbbell squat clean push press, 10 ledge jumps, 12 push-ups. Five rounds. Here’s the dumbbell squat clean again, so you can get in a little mid-week practice – just add a push press at the end. Good work accelerating through the last rounds, and accepting the challenge to keep moving the weight up on the clean/push presses, and the height up on the jumps. If there was any grousing on Saturday, I didn’t hear it. Actually, there was a little grousing, that 5 rounds wasn’t enough, so a few folks bumped up the total rounds. Oh yeah!

Two things to put on your calendar…

1. This Saturday is the Inman Park Festival, so our usual spot is going to be swamped with vendors selling wood bowls, tan leather vests with fringe coming off the sleeves, and other items you cannot imagine how you’ve gone this long without. So for one week only, we will return to Candler Park, where the grass will smell like beer from the 420 Fest.

2. We’ll be doing a special queerfit + yoga combo on May 12. More details on that when we get closer to the date.

Make up your mind at the start of the week how you’re going to get stronger and more mobile over the next 5 days. Don’t let travel or work deadlines be an excuse – report in on the comments if you want your fellow queerfitters to help you stay on top of your own damn fine self. Go queerfit!