In Savannah’s Madison Square, where Special Field Order No. 15 was first read aloud: “The islands from Charleston, south, the abandoned rice fields along the rivers for thirty miles back from the sea, and the country bordering the St. Johns River, Florida, are reserved and set apart for the settlement of the negroes now made free by the acts of war and the proclamation of the President of the United States.”

Possession of the land was conveyed in 40 acre lots.  La tierra es de quien la trabaja con sus manos/The land belongs to those that work it with their own hands.

Lincoln was shot dead less than a year later and the new President, a son of Tennessee, rescinded Sherman’s Order.

In Madison Square: run the perimeter of 40 acres (6 blocks by 4 blocks), 40 single-leg pistols alternating legs, 40 dumbbell thrusters @20#, 40 push-ups, 40, 40 walking lunges @20#.  Screw you, President Andrew Johnson.