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Sweat through your sweater vest

A quick mid-week teaser: the indomitable Moya is turning 29 (for the first time, even) and we are kicking off her birthday celebration with a special queerfit workout this Saturday morning. Special special. Bring a sweater vest, yes a sweater vest, if you have one. Bring a weight vest if you have one. Bring a friend if you have one.  Also, bring any or all of the following: a cinder block, a large rock, a tire that is not filled with the eggs of malaria carrying mosquitoes, a punching bag, a small goat or large child.  There will be flags involved.

After sweating through your sweater vest at queerfit, you will have a full day to rest up before heading out Saturday night to the amazing Sweat Through Your Cardigan! party at her spot in East Point.  “Amazing” and “Sweat Through Your Cardigan!” is redundant, but there you go.  Feel free to bring a ten spot or a donation of any other shape & size so you’ll have something to drop into the hat when it gets passed, to help out on food, gas & lodging for the Shawties with Skillz (including Holiday and Zuri) headed to the Allied Media Conference next month.

Alright, ch’all. Sweater vest.

Stretching into Memorial Day

That’s us, sitting tall this weekend as Zahra yoga’d us up. What it does not capture are the birds chirping + leaves rustling + 4 children running up and down the hill directly behind Zahra as she’s getting us grounded and centered.  Grounded is completely different, btw, when you’re on the actual ground rather than on the floor of a yoga studio. And notice the mats are decidedly not in straight lines.  We can’t even yoga straight.

And for Memorial Day, a much better story of its  origins than the one I posted on Friday. Ben Becker gives an account in The Revolutionary Origins of Memorial Day and Its Political Hijacking of “Decoration Day” celebrated on May 1, 1865, immediately after the Civil War. Black soldiers and residents of Charleston, SC headed a parade of 10,000, honoring Union prisoners of war who had died in the horse track-turned-prison during the Civil War.  Becker may be stretching it to say this day “later became” Memorial Day, but stretching’s not always bad.  Like before and after a queerfit workout. Like what you will do to your body and soul when you participate in 100 Days of Phys Ed.

So happy Memorial Day. Were you taught, as I was, that the Civil War was the only war fought within the United States? If yes, then that makes today a good day to remember the forgotten wars Read more…

What to Celebrate

Beautiful queerfitters trying to get through the Friday before the long weekend,

So many options of what to celebrate this weekend.

1.  There’s Memorial Day, started post-Civil War by white Southerners memorializing Confederate soldiers and ginning up the myth of the Lost Cause.  Atlanta was the site of the original Memorial Day, put on in 1866 at Oakland Cemetery by the Atlanta Ladies Memorial Association for Confederate soldiers.  When Memorial Day became a national holiday, Georgia kept the April date as Confederate Memorial Day.  So the holiday’s a bit sticky, rhymes with icky.

2. Alternatively, it’s National Sorry Day in Australia, a formal apology by the government for Read more…

100 Days of Phys Ed

My middle school P.E. teacher moonlighted as the lead singer in a cover band.  His Neil Diamond hits were especially strong, due in part to the practice he got singing “Sweet Caroline” to us during the 6 week long Social Dance modules.  Fifth period, Mr. H took the stage in his blue & red striped, 80% acrylic tube socks and had the boys line up on one side of the gym, the girls on the other. The boys would then ask the girls to dance, and Mr. H shook his blond locks and let loose with Song sung blue/Everyone knows one…Everyone shuffled left foot, right foot in their boy-girl pairs, learning this awkward thing called social dance.

Everyone except me, who sat in the bleachers with a note from the doctor saying I had a knee injury that prevented me from participating in any physical activity for the next 6 weeks.   Read more…

What was in that duffle bag?

Ready to get a hold of this week between your teeth, clamp down, and shake the hell out of it?

OK, me neither.  But I’m gonna fake-shake it ‘til I make it.

Much respect and a big blue ribbon to everyone who finished that grinder of a workout this weekend. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) means most of you will wake up today with a pain in your butt and/or the top of your chest in front of your shoulder.  Read more…

Bustin’ Loose the Dumbbells, Hot Stuff

A sad week for the soundtrack of the Seventies, with the passing of Donna “Hot Stuff” Summer and Chuck “Bustin’ Loose” Brown.

True, there are few things as painful as listening to disco by yourself.  The U.N. Convention Against Torture surely forbids subjecting prisoners in solitary confinement to a loop of Donna Summer’s greatest hits.  But take that relentless, synthesized disco beat, pump it into a club full of people, and oh boy. Boundless joy.

Want a dose of that magic switch from painful drudgery to boundless joy in your own life?  Skip your solitary workout this Saturday and come out to queerfit. Read more…

Genderqueer barbell #1

Yes, that’s an Olympic barbell. Fifteen kilograms of genderqueer awesome.  In the world of Olympic lifting, the 20 kg bar is called the men’s bar and the 15 kilogram-er, like the one pictured above, is the women’s bar.  But just look at that beauty. It’s a bit scruffy and leaning against a truck. Hanging out with a random log.  Genderqueer, duh.   So unlike the increasingly binary-gendered minifigs being put out by Lego.  Nothing against people with easily identifiable genders. But Legos?

Anyway, a huge thank you to the friendly owners of Crossfit Rx for donating not just this bar, but a stack of weights, dumbbells and jump ropes as well.  The dumbbell/barbell drive continues for another 12 days.  We now have a goal: 500 pounds. We’re 38% there.

As for your mid-week fitness fix, I give you the gayest exercise video EVER.    Read more…

Summer of Handstands

According to the solstice, summer starts when the sun reaches its farthest point north of the equator.  Here in Atlanta, summer runs from Mondo Homo + Atlanta Jazz Festival (aka Memorial Day weekend) through Black Gay Pride + DragonCon (aka Labor Day weekend).  But in the extra special tuck of the universe known as Queerfit Atlanta, summer starts when the group decides on the sweltering season’s Stupid Human Trick.

In teams of 3, we did on Saturday, in a light rain: 15 total 70 yd sprint down, jog back; 150 total pushups; 150 total pull-ups; 150 total one armed dumbbell squat snatches.  The winning team got to pick the summer’s Stupid Human Trick. With encouragement from the not-so-winning teams, they picked shake weight jumping jacks.

Just kidding.  Read more…

Bring us your weights yearning to breathe free

Queerfit is outdoors because training without walls is training for life. Because being outside is practice for being out in the world.  Because we’re so happy Obama wants us all to be gay married, no gym can contain us…

Oh, be real. We’re outside because we’re broke ass mofos.

And sometimes broke ass mofos need a little help from our friends.  Queerfit is the 100% free, really hard, always fun weekly workout in the great outdoors for trans folk, pre-/ex-/would be-queers, the awesomely awkward, the awkwardly awesome, mamas,  anyone who has or has had a mama, and broke ass mofos.  We’ve outgrown our collection of weights, and we’re looking for more – dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells. Heavy things. OK, yes, we’ll take those lovely lavender 5 pound hand weights too. No, not the shakeweight.  You keep the shakeweight.

This is day five of queerfit’s dumbbell/barbell drive and it’s the day I’m asking you to SHARE the hell out of this so that come tomorrow, Read more…

SONG up, weights up

I love Southerners On New Ground for their fighting spirit.  Caitlin Breedlove, Paulina Hernandez, Kai Barrow, and Roberto Tijerina tell it like it is in The Day After, their ferocious response to North Carolina’s voters passing the noxious Amendment 1 yesterday 61% – 39%.    It’s short (2:45) & intense, just like queerfit.  What’s this got to do with our dumbbell/barbell drive? Lots.

One of my favorite gyms, Crossfit Virtuosity in New York City, has a phrase that’s always written on the whiteboard:

Weight ↑ 

Weights go up, always. You want to get stronger, then pick up a heavier dumbbell.  This is obvious, but left to our own devices, we rarely do it.  What people tend to do Read more…