Most excellent queerfitters,

Welcome especially to the newbies – Tuesday mornings at 8:30 we are in East Point, at the playground immediately north of the police station.  Today, in celebration of International Workers’ Day and  the 2006 general strike of undocumented workers, queerfit had a factory-line style workout of throwing a medicine ball from person to person, with squats and push-ups in between.  Working as a collective, there was no factory boss yelling at us to speed up the line.

There’s still time for you to make it to the 11:00 May Day Rally at the Washington Street side of the Capitol, led by the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, calling for an end to deportations, racism, and mass incarceration. All that before lunch – hurry on out!

Whether you make it out to the rally or not, get in 120 air squats today. Doing 20 at a time at the top of the hour from now until happy hour will make happy hour even happier. 2 extra points if you do the squats while watching Billy Bragg singing The Internationale (start at 2:00); 5 extra points if you sing along.