Tomorrow we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of  Puebla, where Mexican forces, largely indigenous, outnumbered 2-to-1 and outgunned 10-to-1, defeated an invading French army.  Oh, you say, Cinco de Mayo, that fake holiday where you wait two hours to drink Corona and eat lukewarm enchiladas at El Azteca. Isn’t a Mexican holiday that’s  celebrated in the U.S. but not in Mexico inherently suspect?  Yes, but wait.  David kicking an empire-building Goliath’s butt is reason enough for celebration, but there’s more to the story.  The French, see, were not just trying to conquer Mexico; they were supporting the plantation owners of that other war happening 150 years ago, the U.S. Civil War.

That, arguably, made the victory at Puebla the first big military smack-down of the Confederacy.

The Chicano Movement pulled on this history of the Battle of Puebla when they revived the celebration of Cinco de Mayo in California  in the late 1960’s, characterizing it as a battle of those who loved freedom versus those who defended and wanted to expand slavery.  Then the beer companies got involved.  So now we have a Mexican victory that had been revived by Chicanos to build black-brown solidarity being celebrated mostly by white college students.

Tomorrow at queerfit, we take back the Chicano intent of Cinco de Mayo with a workout recreating the Battle of Puebla. You queerfitters of European descent, be not afeared, you will not be typecast in the role of the French imperialists.  Bring your dumbbells, weight vests, and your freedom loving self to the little green space facing Euclid Avenue, just north of Inman Park-Reynoldstown MARTA station.

10:00 sharp. ¡Viva la Raza!