Your dumbbells want to come out and play.

A couple of years ago, you bought a pair of dumbbells, to help you get in shape.  For a few weeks, you hoisted them.  Some curls, some shoulder presses. Then one day you needed a doorstop, and there they were, conveniently heavy and inert.  So there they sat.  And sat.  Until, slightly embarrassed, you put them in the closet.  Where they have remained ever since. Every once in a while you catch a glimpse while digging around for socks. Hmmm, you think, I really should try that again…oh look, my green argyles.

Well you know what? Those dumbbells are pissed about being stuck in the closet.  They want to come out. They want to be hoisted again. They want to be wanted.    

And queerfit really wants them.   Ten pounds, twenty pounds, seventy pounds, in pairs or solo, all greatly desired.  Kettlebells or medicine balls in your closet?  Even hotter.  Best of all, an Olympic bar, the 35 or 45 pound kind, with 2 inch ends.  And if your barbell answers to kilograms (20 or 15), well, warn us so don’t faint when you bring it out.

Make no mistake, we say we want your dumbbells but it’s really you we want.  We want you to join us at queerfit on Saturdays at 10:00 at the little greenspace immediately north of the Inman Park-Reyonldstown MARTA station.

Whether you’re ready to come out or not, do pass along your dumbbells.  Here’s how:

– Bring them by queerfit any Saturday between 10:00 – 11:00.

– Drop them off at Charis Books & More at 1189 Euclid Ave. NE in Little Five Points.

– Email us at queerfit (period) atl (at) about what you have & when’s a good time to pick ‘em up.

Even if you have no dumbbells of your own, help us with this dumbbell drive by sharing this on your facebook, blog, or twitter (Click immediately below on “Share this” bar).

Thanks in advance – and with some luck, see you soon.

We take our dumbbells very seriously