It’s day two in our Dumbbell/Barbell Drive, so keep spreading the word by sharing away on all y’all’s social mediations thingys.  You can either drop your lonely, neglected weights off at a Saturday queerfit workout or at Charis Books & More.  If you choose the latter, you can also:

(1) Buy a book. An antidote to Mother’s Day treacle, Alison Bechdel’s Are You My Mother?  dives headfirst into the mother-daughter oil wrestling pit – anxious lesbian cartoonist vs. artistically frustrated, emotionally frigid mother – and lets us watch.  Twenty-five years ago, Bechdel drew inside jokes into every frame of her Dykes to Watch Out For strip. The 51-year old Bechdel now draws psychoanalytic theory, Virginia Woolf, family history, states of mind, and the damned improbability of human relationships into her comic drama. It’s a wowzer, worth putting down the extra cash for the hardback book book.   

(2) Snatch up tickets to Sweet Honey in the Rock July 28 at Ebenezer Baptist Church. This benefit for the good people at Fund for Southern Communities is barely publicized because there’s no need – it sells out every year to those in the know. Now you’re in the know. If you’ve not been to a Sweet Honey concert, hearing them for the first time at Ebenezer will change your life.  You will break up with your bad relationship.  You will call the father you’ve not talked to in five years.  Your complexion will clear up. The Almighty will be talking directly atcha, so be prepared.

If you’re short on cash, no worries. Since queerfit is free, you’re saving $15 every time you come. Come once and you’ve saved enough for a book.  Come twice and that’s your ticket to Sweet Honey.  We are not your mother, but we are your people. Come Saturday and get your workout on, ‘k.