Queerfit is outdoors because training without walls is training for life. Because being outside is practice for being out in the world.  Because we’re so happy Obama wants us all to be gay married, no gym can contain us…

Oh, be real. We’re outside because we’re broke ass mofos.

And sometimes broke ass mofos need a little help from our friends.  Queerfit is the 100% free, really hard, always fun weekly workout in the great outdoors for trans folk, pre-/ex-/would be-queers, the awesomely awkward, the awkwardly awesome, mamas,  anyone who has or has had a mama, and broke ass mofos.  We’ve outgrown our collection of weights, and we’re looking for more – dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells. Heavy things. OK, yes, we’ll take those lovely lavender 5 pound hand weights too. No, not the shakeweight.  You keep the shakeweight.

This is day five of queerfit’s dumbbell/barbell drive and it’s the day I’m asking you to SHARE the hell out of this so that come tomorrow, Saturday, people will drag their daiquiri factoried, tequila sodden butts out of bed and come to the little park (978 Euclid Ave.) just north of Inman Park-Reynoldstown MARTA station, between 10:00 and 11:00 and drop us off some dumbbells.  If you want to join the workout, come on, you’re more than welcome – be there at 10:00 on the dot, no dilly dallying.

If you miss the workout but have a dumbbell or two to donate, drop them off anytime at Charis Books (1189 Euclid Ave.). Or email us at queerfit (period) atl (at) gmail.com and we’ll come pick it up.

Here’s the thing about that dumbbell you’ve had sitting around behind your couch for the last three years…if you suddenly start to miss it, you can visit it any Saturday.  In fact, we want you to miss it.  We want you to pine a little, worry about its well being:  How’s my ex-dumbbell doing? Does it like being sweat on by all those people?

Maybe I should check on it. Yes, you should come out and check on it. And then those people will become your people too. We’re here every Saturday morning. Including tomorrow.

FAQ –Do I have to be queer to come to queerfit? Why y’all free? Will you like me? Here’s what QF’s about.

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And yes, this week’s inspirational video.  Caveat: we do not endorse fighting, even if it’s to kick the ass of a hyper-macho repo man who outweighs you by 150 pounds.  Repeat, we believe in nonviolence.  I can’t help it if I’m still laughing.