According to the solstice, summer starts when the sun reaches its farthest point north of the equator.  Here in Atlanta, summer runs from Mondo Homo + Atlanta Jazz Festival (aka Memorial Day weekend) through Black Gay Pride + DragonCon (aka Labor Day weekend).  But in the extra special tuck of the universe known as Queerfit Atlanta, summer starts when the group decides on the sweltering season’s Stupid Human Trick.

In teams of 3, we did on Saturday, in a light rain: 15 total 70 yd sprint down, jog back; 150 total pushups; 150 total pull-ups; 150 total one armed dumbbell squat snatches.  The winning team got to pick the summer’s Stupid Human Trick. With encouragement from the not-so-winning teams, they picked shake weight jumping jacks.

Just kidding. They picked (drumroll)…handstands.

Great choice. So through the summer, we’ll spend 5-10 minutes at the end of the workouts to work on this Stupid Human Trick.  If you have never done a handstand, come regularly on Saturdays and you’ll be able to do a handstand against the wall by the end of the summer. If you have a wall handstand, you’ll have a freestanding handstand. If you have a freestanding handstand, you’ll be able to handstand on one hand while shake weighting with the other.

One inspirational lesson from this weekend: a certain QF’er was huffing and puffing through the pull-ups, doing them five at a time, when Moya ran up and started doing jumping pull-ups bang bang bang one after another really fast…and ripped through all 50 in one go.  Ho boy. The certain QF’er rearranged her expectations, caught her breath, and got her remainder done in the manner of Moya, fast and unbroken.

Your charge for today: look around and find someone who shifts your expectations of what’s possible, and let yourself get shifted.

If the day’s half over and you find yourself surrounded by the usual uninspiring drivel, here’s something for your lunch break – Kristan Clever with a superfresh haircut doing 21 deadlifts @ 155# unbroken, then 21 handstand pushups unbroken…then 15 handstand pushups, 15 deadlifts, 9 handstand pushups, 9 deadlifts in the time it takes the rest of us to tie our shoelaces and roll our  neck around getting ready to start this workout.

And this here is her teammate Lindsey Valenzuela doing one-armed dumbbell snatches (not squat snatches like we did on Saturday – notice it’s caught in a quarter squat, not a full squat) with a 70 pound dumbbell.

The rule, as always…if you click the link, do squats while you watch.