Yes, that’s an Olympic barbell. Fifteen kilograms of genderqueer awesome.  In the world of Olympic lifting, the 20 kg bar is called the men’s bar and the 15 kilogram-er, like the one pictured above, is the women’s bar.  But just look at that beauty. It’s a bit scruffy and leaning against a truck. Hanging out with a random log.  Genderqueer, duh.   So unlike the increasingly binary-gendered minifigs being put out by Lego.  Nothing against people with easily identifiable genders. But Legos?

Anyway, a huge thank you to the friendly owners of Crossfit Rx for donating not just this bar, but a stack of weights, dumbbells and jump ropes as well.  The dumbbell/barbell drive continues for another 12 days.  We now have a goal: 500 pounds. We’re 38% there.

As for your mid-week fitness fix, I give you the gayest exercise video EVER.   After shielding your screen from co-workers and small children, open this youtube video of the U.S. Greco-Roman wrestling team and immediately hit pause and mute the sound. Open now this Donna Summer classic and/or this from  Right Said Fred, and turn up the volume.  Now click back over to the wrestling team and hit play.

What is HAPPENING at 3:30?!  How is this not restricted content?!  Honorary queerfitters for sure, every one of them.