A sad week for the soundtrack of the Seventies, with the passing of Donna “Hot Stuff” Summer and Chuck “Bustin’ Loose” Brown.

True, there are few things as painful as listening to disco by yourself.  The U.N. Convention Against Torture surely forbids subjecting prisoners in solitary confinement to a loop of Donna Summer’s greatest hits.  But take that relentless, synthesized disco beat, pump it into a club full of people, and oh boy. Boundless joy.

Want a dose of that magic switch from painful drudgery to boundless joy in your own life?  Skip your solitary workout this Saturday and come out to queerfit.

As for go-go music pioneer Chuck Brown, he was a master at taking what was the best of every genre – Puerto Rican salsa, big band jazz, blues, and D.C. street performers – and mixing it into an extended mix of syncopated funk. And while just about every hip hop artist has sampled some part of Chuck Brown (most famously, “Bustin’ Loose” in Nelly’s “It’s Getting Hot in Here”), Chuck Brown did his mixing with a live band, which he led in seamless 3 hour mixes of fresh and hot.

Want some go-go of your own? Skip the 30 minutes on the treadmill this Saturday and come mix it up at queerfit. Even better than 3 hour go-go sessions, though, we take the best of the best and compress into 15 minutes.

And what better way to honor the black-suited founder of go-go and the moaning queen of disco than by throwing in to queerfit’s dumbbell/barbell drive?  With 10 days to go, we’ve collected 200 pounds and have 300 pounds to go to hit our goal of a quarter ton of fun.  We’ll keep collecting poundage until the last booty is shaken at MondoHomo during Memorial Day weekend.

Help us publicize the drive by sharing on facebook, tweeting, blogging, chatting up the barista about it!

If you have dumbbells, kettlebells, or other heavy things to throw in, three ways to do so:

1. Drop them off at Charis Books & More on Euclid Ave. in Little Five Points

2. Drop them off tomorrow during queerfit.  We are at the little greenspace just north of the Inman Park/Reynoldstown MARTA station (978 Euclid Ave. on your GPS).  We start at 10:00 every Saturday, and are done by 11:00.

3. Email us at queerfit (period) atl (at) gmail.com.

See y’all tomorrow, you Bad Girls (and boys and bois and men and women).  Bring your flair and sparkle.