Ready to get a hold of this week between your teeth, clamp down, and shake the hell out of it?

OK, me neither.  But I’m gonna fake-shake it ‘til I make it.

Much respect and a big blue ribbon to everyone who finished that grinder of a workout this weekend. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) means most of you will wake up today with a pain in your butt and/or the top of your chest in front of your shoulder.  This stretch for your pecs, and (as always) deep squats for everything else.  If you slept in Saturday, you missed a mini-carnival of farmer’s walks, weighted overhead lunge walks, bear walks, and pushups.  Plus running up a hill and jumping on a wall while shouldering a duffle bag (as so ably modeled by Zoe above) filled with laundry, 100 feet of extension cord, and two gigantic cans of tomato juice I’d found in the back of the cupboard.  As tailors understand to cut your coat according to the cloth, we queerfitters know to fill your duffle bag according to whatever heavy stuff you can find around the house.

As you make plans for this Memorial Day weekend upcoming, pencil in a QUEERFIT-YOGA DOUBLE FEATURE this Saturday, with yoga led by the amazing Zahra.  If you’ve never done yoga before, fear not!  This is the not only the Summer of Handstands, but also the Summer of Trying New & Nerve-Racking Things.  Why? Because doing new things makes you happy.  This Buddhist doctor says so, and so does common sense.  Same start time (10:00) this Saturday, same spot (park on northside of Inman Park/Reynoldstown MARTA station).  It will be helpful if you can rustle up a yoga mat for yourself, but we want you to come on out whether you have a mat or not, whether you’re bendy bob or stiff as a board.