Beautiful queerfitters trying to get through the Friday before the long weekend,

So many options of what to celebrate this weekend.

1.  There’s Memorial Day, started post-Civil War by white Southerners memorializing Confederate soldiers and ginning up the myth of the Lost Cause.  Atlanta was the site of the original Memorial Day, put on in 1866 at Oakland Cemetery by the Atlanta Ladies Memorial Association for Confederate soldiers.  When Memorial Day became a national holiday, Georgia kept the April date as Confederate Memorial Day.  So the holiday’s a bit sticky, rhymes with icky.

2. Alternatively, it’s National Sorry Day in Australia, a formal apology by the government for systematically removing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families from 1910 until 1970 and institutionalizing them in order to “assimilate” them into whiteness. There’s no National Sorry Day U.S.A.  Saying you’re sorry isn’t part of the national character. To the contrary, if ever a bill was introduced to declare a Not Our Fault Day, it would pass without a floor debate (see above, re: Memorial Day).

3 .It’s Mondo Homo, the South’s queer art, spoken word, social action festival of unusualness. Post-queerfit on Saturday, Moya will be discussing Afrofuturism, Southerners on New Ground will be talking about Love Without Borders!, there’s someone doing a Workshop on Seduction: Revolutionary Style, and the Socialists will be Taking Down Capitalism and Homophobia.  I’m slated to do a dour sounding talk about the Criminalization of People of Color.  Hmmm, should have thought of a catchier title.  Though Girls Behind Bars! just isn’t, well, appropriate.

4. Perhaps best of all, Saturday is the first day of the 100 Days of Phys Ed.  Here’s my 100% money back guarantee: if you get down and throw down in the 100 Days of Phys Ed, you will have a completely new relationship to your body by the end of the summer. You can get started in the 100 Days of Phys Ed challenge tomorrow with the lovely Zahra leading us in a never seen before, short yet spectacular yoga session immediately following our as-always intensely painful, excellent queerfit session. No pressure, Zahra.

We will have a few yoga mats on hand, but not enough for everyone. So if you have or can borrow a yoga mat, bring it! Bring extras if you have them. Bring your children, your friends, and your ass for the kicking it’s been wanting.

As always, we start at 10:00 sharp (so get there early) in the green space just north of the Inman Park/Reynoldstown MARTA stations.