That’s us, sitting tall this weekend as Zahra yoga’d us up. What it does not capture are the birds chirping + leaves rustling + 4 children running up and down the hill directly behind Zahra as she’s getting us grounded and centered.  Grounded is completely different, btw, when you’re on the actual ground rather than on the floor of a yoga studio. And notice the mats are decidedly not in straight lines.  We can’t even yoga straight.

And for Memorial Day, a much better story of its  origins than the one I posted on Friday. Ben Becker gives an account in The Revolutionary Origins of Memorial Day and Its Political Hijacking of “Decoration Day” celebrated on May 1, 1865, immediately after the Civil War. Black soldiers and residents of Charleston, SC headed a parade of 10,000, honoring Union prisoners of war who had died in the horse track-turned-prison during the Civil War.  Becker may be stretching it to say this day “later became” Memorial Day, but stretching’s not always bad.  Like before and after a queerfit workout. Like what you will do to your body and soul when you participate in 100 Days of Phys Ed.

So happy Memorial Day. Were you taught, as I was, that the Civil War was the only war fought within the United States? If yes, then that makes today a good day to remember the forgotten wars waged on this here soil, and honor those who fought against genocide and slavery in: the Anglo-Powhatan Wars, the First Indian War (King Phillip’s War), the Second Indian War (King William’s War), the New York Slave Insurrection of 1741, the Third Indian War (Queen Anne’s War), the Fourth Indian War (Father Rale’s War), the Stono Rebellion, the Fifth Indian War, Gabriel’s Rebellion, the Sixth Indian War, the Tuscarora War, the 1811 New Orleans Uprising, the Yamasee War, Pontiac’s Rebellion, the Vessey Uprising, the Chickamauga Wars, the Northwest Indian War, the Creek War, Nat Turner’s slave rebellion, the First, Second and Third Seminole Wars, the Dakota War, the Sioux War, the Black Hills War, the Mexican-American War, the Apache Wars, and the Posey War.

Peace be with you mighty warriors.