A quick mid-week teaser: the indomitable Moya is turning 29 (for the first time, even) and we are kicking off her birthday celebration with a special queerfit workout this Saturday morning. Special special. Bring a sweater vest, yes a sweater vest, if you have one. Bring a weight vest if you have one. Bring a friend if you have one.  Also, bring any or all of the following: a cinder block, a large rock, a tire that is not filled with the eggs of malaria carrying mosquitoes, a punching bag, a small goat or large child.  There will be flags involved.

After sweating through your sweater vest at queerfit, you will have a full day to rest up before heading out Saturday night to the amazing Sweat Through Your Cardigan! party at her spot in East Point.  “Amazing” and “Sweat Through Your Cardigan!” is redundant, but there you go.  Feel free to bring a ten spot or a donation of any other shape & size so you’ll have something to drop into the hat when it gets passed, to help out on food, gas & lodging for the Shawties with Skillz (including Holiday and Zuri) headed to the Allied Media Conference next month.

Alright, ch’all. Sweater vest.