So the current Queen of England managed to be born into royalty and then sat on the throne for 60 years without being deposed or beheaded.  For this, she got a 12,000 person Diamond Jubilee party this weekend, with Elton John, Annie Lennox, one-fourth of the Beatles, Madness, and other former greats dusting off their vocal cords and singing her their greatest hits she’d never heard of.

But who cares about all that? Your Monday inspiration – woefully late, but it’s still Monday for another hour or so – comes from Grace “Pull Up to the Bumper” Jones.  Sixty-four friggin’ years old, and not only does she come out on stage in a black & red, hard plastic suit of armor cut by Speedo…but she is she balancing a headdress that Achilles would’ve worn if he could have embraced his gayness…and she is singing Slave to the Rhythm…while hula hooping.   The hula hooping starts at 0:33. Around 1:50, the violinists are going “what is happening?!” Did I mention Grace Jones is 64?

Hula hooping, whether done whilst singing to the Queen of England or in the privacy of your living room, is exactly the sort of thing to share in the 100 Days of Phys Ed list.  New pic on that page of Shae overhead lunging a wooden post she’d apparently ripped out of the ground. While admiring Shae’s lunge, add your latest phys ed adventure to the list. Don’t have something yet to add?  Take something ordinary you do all the time – like walking the dog – and do it the way Grace Jones would do it.  Be spectacular and take notice of what that does to your boring old thing. Add to list.  Pull up to the bumper, baby, every day this week.