And so are you.

Holley Mangold is 22 years old, 5’8”, 350 pounds, and headed to the 2012 Olympics.  She’s also awesome.   This is her being awesome.  Here are some of the reasons she’s awesome:

1. She seems to always lift in a City BBQ t-shirt, where she works as a caterer.

2. She was a starter on her high school football team…as an offensive lineman.  About which she says: Since I was such a huge little kid, I could just plow over people, just killing people, I loved it.

3. She has a 320 pound clean & jerk.

4. When asked at 4:05, Where did that confidence come from? she just says the T-R-U-T-H truth:  You’re the only one who controls whether you’re confident or not. People tell me that it’s not as easy as turning on a switch…but it kind of is.  If you start thinking that you’re awesome, other people are going to start thinking it too.

Awesome. Now go do something awesome, and tell yourself “I’m awesome” while you’re doing it.  Make it something awesome enough that you get to tell yourself “I’m awesome” at least 10 more times through the rest of the day. Then say to yourself ten times through the day, “I’m awesome!”  Then tell us about it in the 100 Days of Phys Ed.