Go Asha!

Last Saturday was the hottest day in the history of history here in the big A.  Did you fabulous queerfitters ride out to Lenox Mall and suck on iced frappaccinos? Did you sit a chair over your a/c vent and put your feet in a vat of ice water? Did you buy the last of the King of Pops’ sea salt chocolate popsicles and ride around in your car with your radio cranked and air on high?

No! You came out and sweat sweat sweat, putting yourself in danger of heat stroke and dehydration.  You ran, did lunge jumps, pushups, squats, and then push pressed very heavy dumbbells over your beautiful heads. And then, just for the hell of it, you added another 5 or 10 pounds to your dumbbells, cursed a lot, and push pressed those over your heads. Impressive!

No inspirational mid-week videos today.  This mid-week being the 4th of July, two things to read. I know it’s hard to do squats while reading, so how about 100 pushups throughout the day on the 4th?  Here’s a speech by Frederick Douglass in 1852, What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? And Here is Ted Quant in 2011 What, to the Undocumented Immigrant is the Fourth of July?

Oh wait, here’s Morgan Freeman reading Frederick Douglass’s piece, on youtube.  Watch and do squats!