I’m on vaca in the White Homo Capital of the World, and so leave you tomorrow in the more than capable hands of the mighty mighty Myoshi.

Olympic tip for tomorrow – the race to watch post-queerfit is Caster Semenya’s.  Three years after being forced to undergo “sex verification” tests when she won the 2009 women’s world championship with what race officials deemed too square a jaw and too flat a chest, Caster ran the 800 meters during yesterday’s semifinals in a blistering 1:57.67.  It’s her best time this year, and puts her in contention for gold on Saturday.  The uproar over Caster in 2009 was a window into the messiness of our anxiety around gender and sports, and the testing (both the details of the tests forced on Caster by IAFF officials, and results of those tests, remain secret) confirmed that we haven’t the faintest clue how to draw a bright line between male and female.  Yet, the International Olympic Committee persists.  Their most recent consensus gender test looks at naturally occurring testosterone levels.  Jesse Ellison at the Daily Beast gives a good history of the Caster/IAFF/IOC gender tizzy.

Here’s to hoping Caster runs her way onto the medal stand, and in so doing wins the right to conduct a verification test of her own on IAFF officials by shoving her middle finder up their collective ass.  Go queerfit! Go Caster!