Some people work out to stay healthy for their families.  Some exercise just for fun.  A select few train for the Olympics.

And Queerfitters in Atlanta? We train for Labor Day weekend.

This weekend, there’s no place in the world hotter than Atlanta. Scratch that – DragonCon is here – no place in the universe.  Atlanta Black Pride, House in the Park, ONE MusicFest, Atlanta Weekender, DragonCon, the Decatur Book Festival, the SEC kickoff games, NASCAR, Starlight’s Drive-In invasion, the end of season for the public pools….

But how to get to all of it? It’s a test of strength, stamina and sheer will power. The 72 hours you’ve been training for all year goes like this:

Warm-up: tonight, Stretch out to Purple Rain, regretful for missing Weekender’s Lovesexy Prince tribute party last night.

Saturday 10:00. Queerfit, of course.

Saturday 10:45. Park at Underground and do a fast run to Peachtree Street, to catch the end of DragonCon’s parade.

Saturday 12:30. Run up to Melia Hotel to catch a bit of Black Pride’s State of Black Gay America summit.

Saturday 2:30. Run back to your car and haul ass to Decatur Book Festival. Fight for parking. Get to Isabel Wilkerson reading Warmth of Other Suns.

Saturday 7:00. Eat BBQ at BigTex and watch Auburn vs. Clemson, grateful that the largest independent book festival in the country is in the south, meaning there’s an official college football viewing station.

Saturday 9:00. Halftime, head over to Masquerade for ONE MusicFest. Everyone else has been sweating outside since noon – you’ll be fresh for Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, and MC Lyte.

Saturday midnight. It’s the world’s largest black gay pride, 75,000 strong.  Party on.

Sunday 9:00. Church. Just kidding.

Sunday 12:30. House in the Park, in Grant Park. Join a thousand fine-ass people just as hung over as you, dancing to deep house-music, Afrobeat and soul classics.

Sunday 2:30.  Choose between Julie Otsuka (Buddha in the Attic) and Tomika Brown-Nagin (Courage to Dissent), both at the Decatur Book Festival.

Sunday 4:30 As part of Black Pride, Pure Heat Community Festival is in Piedmont Park starting at noon.  On the lineup at 4:30 is the Celebrity Hair Battle w/ Derek J from Real House Wives of ATL, followed at 5:15 with Jeffrion Dickerson as Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5.

Sunday 8:00. Black Gay Pride’s White Party is scheduled from 6-midnight at Melia, across the hall from the fashion show scheduled to start at 8:00. Set a toe into either, just to say you went.

Sunday 9:00. Drive-In Invasion, at the Starlight Drive-In. All the great parking spots are long gone, with rockabilly music and hot rods having started at noon, but that big drive-in screen looks great from no matter how far away.  Big Trouble in Little China; Blade Runner; Blacula; H.O.T.S.

Monday 11:30. DragonCon, if you must. The raggedy end of convention goes out with Robot Battles and yes, what you’ve been waiting for all year: Erin Hill & her Psychedelic Harp.

Monday 2:00. Grant Park Pool. Last day of the season. Find a lounge chair, spread a towel, and refuse to move until the last whistle gets blown.