The first Queerfit workout was a year ago, right after the Oakland police cleared out the Occupy encampment in Ogawa Plaza and then attacked protesters trying to reclaim it.  There was a video of Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen’s friends struggling to carry him to safety after his skull was fractured by a flash grenade. I got a bit worried. About, you know, the police state and the violence of capitalism and all that. But also about the very practical question of who among my friends would be able to haul me off the street if I were whacked on the head during a street protest.

The 105 pound ladies from my Crossfit gym would be able to squat down in their $105 Lululemon yoga pants, hoist me on their shoulder and trot off to safety.  But those ladies, bless their hearts, are more 1% than 99%. My friends & comrades who are more likely to be on the street protesting the empire were, well, somewhat less likely to be able to do any hoisting and trotting away.

Thus, out of self interest in surviving the slings, arrows and tear gas canisters in the long battle against empire, came Queerfit.

Over the past year, we’ve made a habit out of getting in a workout together on Saturday mornings. At last count, over 100 of you have joined us to squat, lunge, climb, and bear walk your way into the weekend. We’ve done a lot of push-ups. Those of us who have become regulars have gotten not just stronger and more mobile, but also smarter, kinder, and stunningly better looking.

We’re celebrating in two ways:

First, the Squat-a-thon.  You think a dollar don’t buy squat these days? It does! It buys a squat.

We love and appreciate the dumbbells that came our way in the dumbbell drive. So much, in fact, that we want some new heavy things: sandbags, sleds, big heavy ropes, medicine balls. Don’t that make your toes curl? But we need a little cash money to make it happen. Here’s how the squat-a-thon works:

  1. Someone saves me from pulling out my remaining hairs by figuring how to load the damned chipin widget thing-y onto this page. Email me kung.li.atl (at) gmail…
  2. You buy $20 worth of squats. Or $50. Or more. Then you get your friends to buy squats.
  3. We’ll take ½ the haul to buy said sandbags, etc., and donate the other ½ to the great folks at Southerners on New Ground.
  4. On the one year anniversary, October 27, we perform all the required squats as part of the 10:00 Saturday workout. If there’s $50 in the kitty, we do 50 squats. If there’s $1000, we do 1000.

Then we go home and rest up for the second part of the celebration, the One Year Strong Queerfit Halloween Bash. It’s  happening Saturday, October 27. Come as your Olympic athlete. More Details here next week. If you want to stay in the loop through email, put your email in the “Follow Queerfit” at the top right corner.