We’re in the last 7 days of our squat-a-thon and things are looking good, thanks especially to queerfitters who have apparently coerced family members into ponying up some generous contributions.

Have you coerced any family members? Or put in a fat juicy donation of your own? If not yet, use this here ChipIn.

Here are the top ten reasons for clicking over and sending your hard-earned money to Queerfit:

10. You ate 3 Krispy Kreme donuts last night. The squat-a-thon’s dispensations do for your blood glucose level what papal dispensations do for your sins. Buy yourself some divine forgiveness.   

9. When the revolution comes, there will be lots of heavy lifting.

8. You want your name embroidered on a sandbag.  For $100, that’ll happen. And then we’ll sweat all over you every week.

7.  When itemizing your deductions, you can write “QUEERfit.” No, that’s a lie. We’re not a 501(c)(3) and your donations are not tax deductible.

6. You lose 1 pound for every $10 you donate. No, sorry, that’s also a lie.

5. You like the idea of facilitating the doing of heavy snatches. $100 buys us a couple of nice kettlebells for said snatching.

4. Southerners on New Ground. Half your donation goes to queer liberation, and what’s not to love about queer liberation?

3. You’ve been meaning to come to queerfit but damnit, overslept again. Put in $250 to force yourself to come out.

2. You’ve been coming to queerfit and would now like to drag around a sled or run with heavy sandbags or play with heavy ropes.  Anything to save you from more burpees.

1. Your sadomasochism has been low on the sado. Every dollar you put in buys a squat. Whatever the total number of squats, we will do them as part of next Saturday’s workout. The more dollars, the more squats, the more pain.  Give until it hurts us.  A lot.

Chip in, friends. Share on Facebook and let’s get queerfit outfitted! Click here to donate. We thank you!