Are you waking up in fine fettle this morning? If so, says Henry Miller via Brain Pickings, write. Or, if you’re not a writer, do what it is that you are. If you’re a lover, love. If you’re a fighter, fight. If you’re a dog owner, walk your dog. If you’re a half-marathoner, ice your knees and eat a celebratory high stack of pancakes.

What I hope you’re not doing with your fine fettle of a morning is punching someone out to get to a 72” flat screen HDTV at Walmart.

The Walton family that sat down for Thanksgiving dinner last night has more money than the combined worth of the 48.8 million families making up the bottom 41% of this country. Wowza. And how’d they make that pile of cash? By paying their workers so little that up to 80% of the workers in their stores must rely on food stamps to keep food on the table. That means your tax dollars are fattening the Walton family’s turkey. Wowza.

So there’s  a few things to do this Black Friday:

1. Be in solidarity with the Making Change at Walmart campaign.

2. Support great work. I’ll be donating today to Dream Activist, the Crunk Feminist Collective, and Freedom University.

3. Make plans to join us tomorrow for a special queerfit session to jump walls. Don’t be afeared – you got this. No special equipment needed, though if you have the soft tender hands, do bring gloves.  We’ll meet at 10:0 at the new Bell Street Burritos in Inman Park/Old 4th Ward, across the street from Studioplex.  If you need to map it, use 660 Irwin Street.

4. Call a friend and bring them with you tomorrow. We’re heading into the darkest 6 weeks of the year, when we’re about to be bombarded with a thousand cues a day to eat lots of sugar and buy worthless sh*t.  You have a friend who needs queerfit to get them through this – call them and bring them! See y’all tomorrow…can’t wait.