Here’s how:

1. Sign up. Check out what we’re about. On the top right corner of the blog, you’ll see “Join Queerfit.” Join up to get location updates and fresh inspiration each week in your email. If you’re not an Atlantan, that’s alright – more than half of queerfit members follow us from faraway, exotic locales like Oakland and Brooklyn. What we want to spread is the philosophy & politics of accessible, powerful group workouts designed to increase strength and mobility. If you are in Atlanta,though, what we really want is for you to…

2. Come on – come out. Re: an accessible workout, queerfit is free, scalable to all levels of fitness and mobility, child/parent friendly, and locations are always wheelchair accessible. It seems, though, that the main barrier for some of you who want to come out  but haven’t yet is that you find queerfit intimidating. Be not intimidated. Be scared, but come out anyway. The Irish poet James Stephens pointed out that Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will. There’s much to be curious about: what your body is capable of; who you’ll meet at queerfit; what the workout will be; what you’ll learn about yourself. All things to be curious about. Also, it’s perfectly OK to come out and just watch – because really, look at this group…


…who wouldn’t want to watch? We’re pretty confident that you’ll jump in once you see how fun it is. Painful, but fun. If you have a question about whether the workout is right for you, you can ask below in comments, or email privately at queerfit (period) atl @ gmail (dot) com.

3. Share the love. Queerfitters talk about queerfit, especially to your friends who you know would be great queerfitters. What some of them are waiting for is personal encouragement. Here it is. Share this post on FB and tag them. Or just share and tell your FB friends to “join queerfit!”  Then follow up with a text or email to let them know you’re expecting them.

Logistics for this week –

Today (Tuesday) at 6:15, we are at our usual Inman Park MARTA station spot. It will by 48 degrees and dark. Be ready for some hang cleans.

Saturday at 10:00, we are heading out for a workout that includes jumping up and over 3-7 foot walls. Meet up at Bell Street Burrito at 660 Irwin Street. We’ll head across to street to the sloping Studioplex walls and get our vertical on.