Two of ’em. But first, a location update for tomorrow (Tuesday).  The weather forecast says rain, so we’ll meet under the awning at the Inman Park/Reynoldstown MARTA station, street level on the Inman Park side. You can park in the parking lot (entrance at 118 Hurt Street) and find us toasty and dry doing sandbag burpees & shaking our sweat on innocent commuters. We start at 6:15.

As for our new coaches, please welcome Shae, aka The Hammer, and Jocelyn, aka J-Star:


Whenever Shae is coaching, we will be in swimwear, and whenever J-Star is on deck, we will be in mud.

No, no, we won’t.

What we are doing is jumping in with Jocelyn for her Long Run Sundays that take off at 10:30 Sunday mornings from the Charis Bookstore parking lot (1189 Euclid Avenue). And jumping in to do whatever Shae wants us to do when she’s coaching, even if it involves laying out on a beach and leaping up once in a while to do a flying triangle pose on our chins.

Let’s give lots of love & big thanks to these two superstars for taking on coaching you unruly queerfitters!