IMG_1588There was Beyonce and the power outage, and then there was some football. The most exciting play of the Superbowl being Jacoby Jones’ 108 yard kickoff return, you can guess what will be included in this Saturday’s queerfit workout. I’m giving you the heads up so you have some extra time to prepare for the most important part of any long return: the celebration. The dance. The oh yes I’m so amazing I can’t stand it shuffle.

Jillian has the right idea. Notice especially the knit arm warmers. Prepare, queerfitters. Practice your celebratory dance every day this week so you can properly express your delight at your own damned self!

And then you’ll show it off Saturday.

In the meantime, here’s what’s on tap for our Tuesday 6:15 –

Max push-ups, then sets of 5 to 50

then with a partner:

P1 does 5 hang power cleans, 3 presses, as many overhead squats as possible @ moderately heavy weight, while
P2 does 12 slamballs or 18 situps

continue switching off until you accumulate 75 overhead squats between the two of you, or 12 minutes, whichever comes first

rest 2 minutes, then

max push-ups, then sets of 5 to 50

rest 4 minutes, then

3×5 heavy deadlifts