That’s Ngowo putting the go and the whoa and then a little more go in Ngowo.

It’s going to rain tomorrow (Tuesday), so we’ll meet under the awning at the Inman Park MARTA station, street level next to where the buses pull in. You can park in the parking lot (entrance at 118 Hurt Street). We start as always at 6:15.

This Tuesday inspiration comes from the queer little world of crossfit, where people take the perfectly normal thing called exercise and queer it up by trying to make it a competitive sport. In a few weeks, something called “The Open” starts, whereupon 100,000 highly competitive, mostly white, wealthy-enough-to-pay-$250/month people who got cut from teams playing actual sports do a series of workouts that allow them to (1) take off their shirt, (2) see how they compare to the 100,000 other shmuckos doing the workout, and (3) cruise the shirtless ladies & fellas. How gay is that?! Yes, of course I’ll be participating.  And I’ll be cheering for Elizabeth Akinwale, because she’s a bad ass mama who can do this (turn off the sound – the commentary will make you gag, and not in a good way) (also, just fyi, that’s a 70 pound dumbbell she’s snatching with one arm).

For the workout under the MARTA station awning, we’ll be running stairs, doing partner medicine ball throws, and pumping out heavy overhead squats, all under the watchful eye of the MARTA bus drivers.