[Tuesday location change at bottom]

Your inspiration for the week is this, which happened on Saturday: Monster-T pulling 225# after thinking 165# was too much…


This was after a workout that included throwing heavy sandbags around and a whole bunch of broad jump burpees.

And now we turn our attention to March 9 Spartan Race. The queerfit team is shaping up – check in with coaches J-Star or Shae about joining in the muddy fun. There are t-shirts involved! And yes, you will be able to get a t-shirt without doing the race. Details to come.

Tuesday evening’s workout is moved to the  Candler Park playground, so we can get in  some rising monkey bar work. Turn into the park on McLendon Ave. (GPS address ~1490 McLendon) and go straight down to the bottom of the parking lot. We’ll meet up in the the little roundabout there at 6:15 and scare the children off every piece of equipment that little park has to offer.