[Tuesday location change – in Candler Park again – details below]

The City of Atlanta came to its senses today and dropped its proposed ordinance to banish street-level sex workers; ICE suddenly and unexpectedly released hundreds of immigrants from detention; and it turns out IKEA’s delicious meatballs contained a wee bit o’ horse meat.

As Meatloaf said, two out of three ain’t bad.

ImageI had the great pleasure of talking about fitness at a Trans(forming) meeting this weekend, and got to spend some time with the awesome BT and most excellent AJ, meet new folks, and think through some of the science behind what we’re doing at queerfit. More on the geeky science stuffs in a later post, but wanted to give a shout of encouragement to any Trans(forming) folks on the fence about coming out and giving queerfit a try. J-Star is going to be coaching tomorrow in a workout that will involve hauling a whole bunch of really heavy sh*t around, up and down, and to and fro. And pushups, of course. And weighted squats.

Tuesday’s workout will be at Candler Park playground, same spot as last week. Turn into the park at ~1490 McLendon and go straight down to the bottom of the parking lot.

For your Tuesday inspiration, in honor of IKEA’s erstwhile meatballs, Ace Power’s Riding Horse Fitness. When you click on to watch, you must as always do squats. Do not stop when you start to laugh – just squeeze your stuff to keep from peeing and keep on squatting. Yee-haw!