Yes we’re on Saturday morning. Don’t believe the hype about “a few flurries possible early” – it’ll be 40 degrees and sunny at 10:00. And if it flurries, it flurries. We meet at the usual spot. Then for Long Run Sunday, J-Star is taking you on a road trip to Stone Mountain. Carpool leaves out from the Charis Books parking lot at 12:30 on Sunday. 

Be prepared Saturday for intensity. After Jennifer “I volunteer” Lawrence beat out Quvenzhané “I’m the man” Wallis for the Oscar in a movie I’d never heard of, I had to go see the movie. Silver Linings Playbook put Bradley Cooper, playing a young man recently diagnosed as bipolar, together with Jennifer Lawrence, playing a young woman also with a recent (albeit unspecified) diagnosis. The two of them act their hearts out to convince us that mental illness = screaming very loudly at each other for two hours until you fall in love. It was a lot of intensity. So much that I had to go home and take three Advil. 

The whole point of queerfit is intensity, but unlike this hot mess of a movie, our intensity is intentional, scientifically based, and produces real results. There will be no screaming, but you will fall in love. Bundle up and see y’all tomorrow!