(if you just said to yourself: when the world is mud-luscious, or thought, queer old balloonman, go write your middle school English teacher a thank you note)

The brainiac Nate Silver, whose science-based and very accurate predictions for the presidential election drove Republicans batty, made some science-based and presumably very accurate predictions this week about How Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage is Changing, and What it Means. The bottom line of Silver’s many polls and graphs is this: the momentum towards approval of gay marriage is so strong that by 2020, all but 6 states in the nation will be ready to approve same-sex marriage by a majority vote.

The six outliers? Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, Arkansas, and…yes, Georgia.

Whatever critiques we might have about the impact of tying basic rights to an inherently exclusionary institution, it’s not a nice feeling to know that 70% of the people in your state dislike gay people so much they want to keep gays out of something as cruddy as marriage. Compare Massachusetts, where Silver predicts will be supportive of same-sex marriage to the tune of >75% by 2020. Or Rhode Island, which Silver predicts to be the first state to give tax credits and free puppies to anyone who gets gay married.

So why do we stay here? Georgia has one of the highest incarceration rates in the country. The GA Legislature just voted to turn the screw on anti-immigrant laws another quarter turn to the right. Access to health care for the uninsured – and uninsured trans* people especially – is awful, with no prospects for improvement so long as Governor Deal continues to defy Obamacare’s  Medicaid expansion provisions. We could go on, but let’s not.

Really now, why do we stay here? Well, for one, because it’s spring, damnit, and spring here is friggin gorgeous. Related,we stay because a bigger, brighter Queerfit 2.0 is here, and we’ll be stepping it up all through the spring season with workouts in this great, gorgeous outdoors.  Here’s what’s on the line-up for springtime in the southland:

  • Welcome Back to Queerfit workouts.  On the first and third Saturdays in April and May, we’ll be holding alongside our regular workouts special workouts for all ya’ll who dropped off over the winter & may be a wee bit leery of getting back into it. Come on back – we like you and we miss you. New queerfitters are also especially welcome during the Welcome Back days on April 6, April 20, May 4, and May 18.
  • Yoga @ Charis. The awe inspiring Zahra, Zuri, and others with names that don’t start with ‘Z’ start up a weekly yoga practice next Sunday, April 7 at 11:00 inside Charis Books & More on Euclid Ave.  The Z’s are asking for $5 donation, but feel free to give more the weeks you have it, and to go do the yoga anyway on the weeks you don’t.
  • As part of the ongoing Long Run Sundays, J-Star will be taking us out to Sweetwater State Park for a trail run on April 7.
  • Team Scavenger Hunt. On April 20, after our workout, two teams of scavengers will each be sent out with a truck and a list of heavy things we want to add to our equipment roster – sledge hammers, giant tires, stones, logs. If this is your idea of fun, you’re weird, and we love you for it.
  • Stone Mountain Adventure Field Trip will happen on May 11. We’ll head up the big rock with weighted sandbags, doing exercises and scaring families along the way.  The sandbags just might contain gourmet lunches that we just might eat at the top of the rock.
  • Field Day. Saturday May 18 is Field Day. Potato sack, 3-legged and wheelbarrow races, partner carries, Highland leg throws, maybe a game of lawn darts to up the ante. Active and unruly children are always welcome at queerfit, but especially to this.

Too much? No such thing! There’s now a handy Queerfit group on facebook you can ask to join if you’ve not been added already. (Don’t ‘like’ the queerfit page – that’s going to be turned off in 1 week. Go to the group.)

For every season, there’s a reason.  Springtime is for growth and getting your blood thawed out and moving again. The birds are chirping, the buds are a-bursting, and every cell in your body is desperate to get outside into the sun. Honor your fine frisky selves, friends, and come on out. See you tomorrow!