[Rain in the forecast; Saturday’s rain location at the end]

The men in Guantanamo Bay prison are there on suspicion that they were members of organizations out to destroy freedom. They’ve been kept in detention for over ten years without charge or trial. Most of them have been cleared for release, but they’re still there. There is no indication when any of them will be released, if ever. Their only form of protest left is to go on hunger strike, for which they have had their arms and legs strapped to a restraint chair and force-fed through a tube shoved down their nose.

Go freedom.

Meanwhile, a new study out of Fairleigh Dickinson University found that 44% of Republicans believe armed revolution may be necessary in the next few years. The purpose of such an armed uprising? For them to remain armed. And why do they want to remain armed? In case there’s need for an armed uprising.

Go rational thinking. Or thinking of any kind, for that matter.

And then there’s the FBI, using the 40th anniversary of a shoot-out on the New Jersey turnpike between state troopers and black liberation army members  to put Assata Shakur on the most-wanted terrorist list and double the bounty on her head.

For weeks like this, there’s Queerfit. The freedom we believe in is exactly the opposite of indefinite detention and force-feeding. The revolution we’re preparing for is not for the sake of guns. The Assata Shakur we quote is this:

It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and support each other. 
We have nothing to lose but our chains.

Tomorrow we’ll be at our rain location:

Lang-Carson Park in Reynoldstown, under the covered basketball court.  Lang-Carson Park’s street address is 100 Flat Shoals Ave., but the best way to get to the court is through the parking lot of the Free Gospel Interdenominational Church at 957 Wylie Street.

If you’re on MARTA, it’s close to the Inman Park/Reynoldstown MARTA station, but a little tricky getting there: get off on the Reynoldstown side, then from the south end of the bus loop, come down a short flight of steps to Walthall Street. Go about 400 meters south on Walthall Street, then take a right on Wylie for another 400 meters.

Also, put on your calendar & look for details about next Saturday May 11, when we’ll be making an adventure field trip to Stone Mountain and Saturday May 18, for our much-anticipated Field Day.