[location change tomorrow: meeting at “The Wall” location across from the Irwin Street Market. Street address 660 Irwin St.] 

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, let’s start with a tribute to our awesome parents who come out to QF and get their strong on with kids in tow. Here’s Elizabeth Akinwale doing 20 squats @ 225 lbs while her kid bounces around in the foreground.

Then, to get us into the weekend on the right note of awe, here are two very different examples of un-friggin-believable coordination and strength. The first is of Akinwale again, this time snatching 196 pounds. The snatch is the most explosive, coordinated movement humanly possible.  (As your inner frat-boy scrambles around for the best joke in that sentence, two points of information: (1) the snatch is an fiendishly difficult Olympic weightlifting event where the lifter grabs the bar with a wide grip and pulls the weight from the floor directly overhead in one continuous motion, and (2) I wrote explosive, coordinated movement to distinguish from the varieties of involuntarily explosiveness we all unfortunately know are humanly possible) Part of what makes this lift so amazing is that Akinwale only learned how to snatch three years ago.

The second video is of dancer and performance artist Miyoko SHIDA displaying the most beautiful manifestation of core strength and coordination I’ve ever seen. Every once in a very long while you see something that completely changes your sense of the possible. Here it is. Watch it to the end. You will spend the entire seven minutes forty-three seconds holding your breath and nearly dying of wonder.   

See you tomorrow at 10:00 at the Irwin Street wall. Come ready to amaze yourself!