IMG_2143Thanks to the Supremes’ pro-homo decisions earlier this week, Georgians who want to get gay married now just have to ask the Georgia Legislature to allow a referendum vote to reverse the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage.

That’ll happen right around the time Paula Deen gets a clue. Which is, never.

Why? Because in the Georgia legislature, Republicans outnumber Democrats 2:1. That kind of numerical domination seems a little fishy, given there are roughly the same number of Democrat and Republican voters in this state. So how’d the white ultra-conservatives amass this kind of outsized political power? A hundred-plus years of poll taxes, gerrymandering, disenfranchisement, and other forms of voter suppression – the kinds of shenanigans that the Voting Rights Act was passed to defend against.

The same Voting Rights Act the Supremes gutted the day before they went all pro-homo? Indeed.

We here in Georgia shouldn’t be surprised. It was, after all, Georgia’s Republican Representatives who in 2006 led the ideological attack on the Voting Rights Act that ultimately resulted in its judicial gutting earlier this week.

We should be gathering our forces to pass an updated Voting Rights Act capable of ending the deceptive crap (what Justice Ginsberg kindly called “subtler second-generation barriers”) those in power use to create things like 2:1 dominance in the legislature. Instead, we’re celebrating a pair of Supreme Court rulings that, taken together, allow couples who are gay-married in progressive states like California, Massachusetts and New York to now file their federal taxes jointly. And, for those who are extraordinarily wealthy, to get as spectacular a tax break as extraordinarily wealthy straight people do when it comes to paying estate taxes.

I’m not mad at cheering. I think celebration is good, and that we should all engage in more celebratory dancing. It’s just that sometimes it seems our side is cheering ourselves for doing a nice set of bicep curls with lavender 8-pound weights while the conservative wing-nuts are out on the floor squatting 700 pounds for reps. We throw streamers and glitter after winning victories for the very few while they’re using the power they already have to build more power. Real power, in the form of 26 states with Republican supermajorities, for example.

And the conservatives are not shy about using that political power. With the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq winding down, military contractors asked for another war. Yesterday, the Senate passed a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill that will turn the US-Mexico border into that next war zone, to the tune of $46.3 billion and a mandate that legalizations won’t go forward until all that cash has been doled out to the likes of Haliburton and Lockheed-Martin.

We could go on about the unfolding disaster that is the immigration bill, but since this is a fitness blog, let’s get back to the 700 pound squats. Squats are multi-joint exercises that get you big and strong. Multi-joint exercises are awesome. Multi-joint movements like heavy squats require the input of several muscle groups, core stabilization, and coordination along the kinetic chain. If you go heavy, the “right form” is what naturally allows you to move the most weight. Multi-joint exercises stimulate not just hypotrophy (a bigger muscle), but also metabolic and neurological adaptation.

Bicep curls, by comparison, are single-joint exercises that require none of these things. They work your bicep in isolation. Like all single-joint exercises, they may make one part of your body look good, but don’t actually do jack for anything else.

Single-issue organizing is as limited as single-joint exercises. As a barometer of progress, the Supremes’ invalidation of DOMA was important. But functonally, it’s the rich gays in New York and Massachusetts who get richer, and we’re all supposed to clap our hands and say Hercules! Hercules!

Well, to hell with that.

Check out Southerners on New Ground’s super-charming video Marry the Movement. What single-joint movement looks tastier than that?! It’s a multi-joint movement we’re looking for, to make us big and strong like ox.

Lots of multi-joint, functional exercises tomorrow at 10:00 at the usual spot. It’s going to be 78% and 75% humidity tomorrow, so be ready to sweat.