….and it’s unbelievably GORGEOUS in Atlanta today. So…

If your paycheck usually comes from Uncle Sam and it’s not coming this week because the Republicans running the House of Turds are being numbnuts, queerfit is free today (like it is every day).  

Queerfit is also free today if you’re uninsured and, cruising through the newly opened Health Insurance Marketplace, you realized that even though it’s awesome you can now get health insurance with a decent premium, you still better do everything you can to keep yourself healthy because that bronze level deductible is a doozy.

Finally, queerfit is free today to everyone who, like me, deactivated their facebook account today in response to confirmation that the NSA is vacuuming up our friend lists under the theory that everyone with a foreign sounding name is an enemy of the state.

6:15 at our usual spot. Look outside – that’s where you want to be, friend.