Super fun workout Saturday – we broke up into teams and got competitive. The teams ran through a 4-part course three times, with 3 minutes in between for the teams to re-strategize. It was fascinating to watch how fast people were able to figure out what worked and what didn’t, how willing everyone was to make changes, and how smart the tweaks were to get the team as a whole moving more efficiently.  Very unlike how things tend to happen in the non-Queerfit world.

Especially on the final run, the intensity was turned way up, with everyone pushing harder because they wanted to win. Competition runs the spectrum – it can be everything from just silly to downright soul crushing – because we load it up with all sorts of value judgements. The winner is the best, and the losers are, well, losers. What Saturday’s workout did, though, was remind us that it can also be utterly joyful to compete.

So…we’re at The Wall (660 Irwin) today, and we’ll talk afterward about whether we want to sign up for this Tactical Strength competition, happening here in Atlanta on Dec. 14, or put one together of our own. See you today at 6:15!

From last Saturday:

In teams of 5:

1. Ball toss burpees. First person is on point, tossing and receiving a 15 pound medicine ball to & from each of the other 4 team members. Burpee every time you toss the medicine ball. Team is done when every member has been on point. Move on to:

2. Air squats. One person each takes a 30, 25, 20, or 15 pound dumbbell, with 5th member doing an airsquat. 20 simultaneous squats as a team. Move on to:

3. Overhead squat. Using a bar, a total of 50 overhead squats accumulated for the team. Only rule is that everyone has to touch the bar and do at least one overhead squat.   Move on to:

4. 400 meter run around the block. At least one team member runs counterclockwise while the rest of the team runs clockwise. The counterclockwise runner(s) stop when they meet up with the first team member running clockwise. When entire team is reassembled, everyone reverses direction and runs back to start. Finish is when entire team is reassembled at the start.