In response to the ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ movement, and anticipating that this confrontation between how the system works and what people will tolerate is going to intensify, we are offering a new version of queerfit, starting January 10.

We believe in the healing power of collective action. We also know that panic attacks, burnout, trauma triggers, and depression are real. We’ve been told the solution is to “minimize your stress” and “take a long vacation,” as if these are viable options. Or, we’ve been given the vague, somewhat unhelpful advice to “engage in self-care.” Without something more feasible or concrete, we tend to (1) believe the impacts of chronic stress are out of our control, (2) pretend that whiskey, binge watching Scandal, or getting a massage every couple of months when your neck freezes up constitute self-care, and (3) just hope for the best.

QF92 is designed to be the more feasible, more concrete way for us to support one another in this confrontational, escalating fight for our freedom. We are going to do a jui-juitsu move on the intensity of the moment: we’re going to take the elevated metabolic stress response and use it to make us stronger.

Over 92 days, we are going to become substantially stronger and more mobile, in body and soul, individually and as a group. For a fuller description and to apply, read this:

We are limiting QF92 to 30 people, so ask that you carefully read the description and complete the application if you’re interested and can commit to the 3-month program. (This includes you, OG queerfitter!) For the next week, we’ll make this facebook group a public group, so you can repost or tag people you would like to recruit.

****** Application deadline is January 5th ******

Let’s do this!