IMG_2413[1]It was 26 degrees this morning with ice on the ground and you showed up. How’s that for badass?

So, you ferocious, lovely QF92’ers – let’s keep it rolling! Our first 30-day challenge is all about push-ups and squats. Every day, you’ll be doing push-ups or squats (and sometimes both). By the end of the 30 days, you’re going to have a gorgeous squat, lots of push-ups, and an amazing life.

For Sunday, January 11, you’re doing 7 push-ups, 5 times. That’s it. If you do it right, that’s enough. The 7 push-ups are chest to the ground (or table, if you’re doing elevated push-ups off the side of a table) and how long you rest between sets is up to you. If you can do 15 or more perfect chest to push-ups in a row, then take 2 or 3 seconds between sets to shake out your arms. If a push-up is a brand new friend, take 2 or 3 hours between sets. Take the rest you need to do your best push-ups, and to do them beautifully.

Here’s the hot sauce for you to splash all over this challenge: whenever you’re able, you’re going to do your push-ups in unlikely places. In the kitchen is fine, but in the Kroger cereal aisle is better. Do them at work. Do them in the street. Do them in the rain, on a train, in a house, in a box, with a mouse, with a fox. You can eat your green eggs and ham do your push-ups here or there, you can push up anywhere.

When you’re done, let us know in the comments. It’s three points for your team when you’re at the group workouts (Tuesdays and Saturdays), one point for every day you drop a comment here on the blog.

YOGA. A reminder that Zahra is teaching yoga Sunday at 10:00 [CORRECTION: at 11:00] at Charis Books on Moreland Ave. There’s a $5 suggested donation, and the class is welcoming to all levels.