160Behold the perfect squat. Notice the vertical torso, heels flat on the ground, hip crease below the knees, and the ease with which it allows this child to dump pancake batter out of a mixing bowl all over the floor. Let’s find our inner 1 year old today, or as close as our joints can manage, and knock out 5 sets of 15 squats. Any variation of a full squat is OK: sitting back to a chair, weighted front squats, overhead squats, diddly squats. No, not diddly squats. Your squats have to get down as low as you can safely go. As with push-ups, you can take 1 second or 1 hour between sets. Slow and gorgeous, every one.

And since you’re going to be gorgeous, you might as well let your adoring public see you squatting away. The hot sauce that’s good for push-ups is every tastier on squats. You may have hesitated – as I did – to get down on the grungy floor at Aurora Coffee to do push-ups. But there’s no such worries about hygiene for squats. Squat for the revolution; check in here to earn your 1 point for your team.